Paloma Schnitzer’s work focuses on the deconstruction of the images that surround contemporary societies: coming from places like advertising, TV, internet and from the observation of organic life and motion.

In the age of digital reproduction, in which physical spaces slowly retreat from being the structure of life, the world is becoming an intangible network of algorithms, always modulating and changing its shape.

Through montage, repetition, and the use of space, her work links together pieces in order to find new hints and build connections that help to shape the silhouette of the territory we live in and understand its devices. Noise and glitches appear to reveal the pattern of the human presence.

Her aesthetic is marked by the exploration on the boundaries between the tangible and the abstract, the loop and the variation, the errors and the traces. In the gap between them, she aims to modify the system of images, by rearranging its elements and making them thinkable.