[Bathrooms] consists of a projection on a surface of a bathroom showing the continuous and heavy movement of a white spot sliding on the wall. Next to the toilet, there is a small book available to the visitor with a transcription of a conversation about the general human shame of their own waste and lucubrations on the origins of sewer systems.

The work is displayed in different bathrooms, with the aim of exploring the possibilities of exhibiting art in unexpected situations and intervening in public and institutional spaces.  [2016 - present] 


Bathrooms (installation view at Laboratorio de Arte, Buenos Aires).

Bathrooms (installation view at Falk30, Berlin).

Bathrooms (installation view at Fábrica Perú, Buenos Aires).

Original title: Bathrooms / Format: video-projection on a bathroom wall and book. Site specific setting for each bathroom / Book Illustration: Ludmila Rosenzweig / Year: 2016 to present.