Walk on rubble. Gather debris to rebuild a city. Demonize destruction. Build a robot that can walk on ruins. Make the image of the robot viral. Destroy a city. 

[City Loop] The video sculpture "City Loop" shows a viral clip of a robot weapon moving through debris, against a construction site from dawn to dusk.  The piece examines the fate of cities. and its endless cycle of destruction-construction. This work is part of the ongoing research project [Target][2018]

City Loop (installation view at Weserhalle, Berlin). 

City Loop -  2 channel video - 6 monitors - 12 bricks - debris - color - 1:00 min - loop - no sound - 2018 

Exhibited at Weserhalle, “Speculation” (Berlin, 2018), “ROCE” at 911 (Buenos Aires, 2019) and “Automaton” at Modular Space (Berlin, 2019).