Walk on rubble. Gather debris to rebuild a city. Demonize destruction. Build a robot that can walk on ruins. Make the image of the robot viral. Destroy a city. 

[City Loop] The video sculpture "City Loop" depicts a viral video of a robot weapon walking on ruins and a building under construction from dawn to dusk, originally taken from surveillance camera footage found on the internet. By emphasising certain points of the image, such as the ruins on which the robot is walking with real debris collected on the streets of Berlin, the piece inquires into the fate of the cities and the vicious cycle of "destruction-construction". This work is part of the ongoing research project [Target].  [2018]

City Loop (installation view at Weserhalle, Berlin). 

Original title: City Loop /  Format: five channel video  + 12 bricks + debris - 5 x 6 & 1 inches Sony Trinitron broadcast CTR monitors - color / Country: Argentina - Germany / Year: 2018 / Exhibited at Weserhalle, “Speculation” (Berlin, 2018), “ROCE” at 911 (Buenos Aires, 2019) and “Automaton” at modular space (Berlin, 2019).