[Destroying the Scene] 

Destroying the scene is a research project based on a single image taken from a surveillance camera recording. Starting from existing mechanisms of the global surveillance system, the project revolves around ways to subvert the use of the system's output by re-arranging the elements that constitute it. Sourced from a collection of security camera footage, this particular image, taken in an internet café in India in 2016, opens up the question of how to deal with bodies that are recorded in the context of control.

How can we use such images without repeating the control mechanism of those who produce them? How can the surveilled body be put back on the scene without being oppressed?

From here, the idea of destroying the scene emerges as a gesture of hiding the clues through a process of fragmentation and enlargement. With this action, traces of diffusion, superimposition, breakage, and distortion appear, resulting in the following works:

[Triptych Diffuse]

[Book Fetish]

[I’m Hacked]