[I don't speak language] A set of obsolete devices confesses its inability to express itself. As words become an erratic verbal collapse, "I Don't Speak Language" echoes the paradox of communicating the incompetence to communicate.
Inspired by the “cut-up” technique, the artists use fragments of phrases and sound elements such as words, syllables, and concrete sounds, to create an audiovisual sculpture that seems to be about to fall. From this phrase, which is in itself an oxymoron, the work seeks to acknowledge the existence of symbols through the process of breaking them. [2018-2019]

Multi-channel video installation. Color. Sound. 2018
In colaboration with Michel Steinberg, Marko Michael and Tim Schenk (sound).
Exhibited at Alte Saline Hallein, “Schmiede - No Plan” (Hallein, 2018) and “Future III” at Lite-Haus Gallerie as part of 48 Stunden Neukölln (Berlin, 2019).