[Labour in a single shot, a project by Antje Ehmann and Harun Farocki] “Jointly with filmmakers in fifteen cities on five continents, Farocki and Antje Ehmann undertook a three-year exploration of the notion of work in today's world. Inspired by the form of the Lumière film, they set themselves strict limitations: the films to be created were to be no longer than two minutes in length, they had to be about work, and they could not contain a single cut.” Exhibition text excerpt, HKW (Berlin) [2013]

Project website: www.labour-in-a-single-shot.net
City: Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Original title: Cobertura  / Format: single channel video - color - 1:42 min. - sound / Country: Argentina / Year: 2013



Original title: Pausa / Format: single channel video - color - 2:00 min. - sound / Country: Argentina / Year: 2013 / Selected to be part of the Labour in a Single Shot exhibitions at: Museum am Dom (Trier, 2018) - CAC (Vilnius, 2017) - Fundació Antoni Tàpies (Barcelona, 2016) - Willhem-Hack-Museum (Ludwighafen am Rhein, 2015) - Coreana Museum of Art (Seoul, 2015) - Venice Biennale (Venice, 2015) - HKW (Berlin, 2015) - Boston Center for the Arts (Boston, 2014)