[Djehutihotep Message] Paloma Schnitzer creates a virtual frieze inspired by a painting found in the Egyptian necropolis of Deir el-Bersha, where a crowd joined by ropes at the waist drags the colossal monument of a deceased governor. The hundreds of tiny people are barely noticed in the video. It is not so important to show what or who is moving, where they come from and where they go, or how the silhouettes move if they do not float or walk. Rather, the gaze stops at the tired movement of four rows of stains and the way the black background turns them into three-dimensional guards that seem to protrude from the wall. [2016]

Text and curation: Jazmin Adler 

Original title: Mensaje Djehutihotep / Format: single-channel video projection on a black wall - color - 5:00 min. - no sound - loop / Country: Argentina / Year: 2016 / Screened at BAphoto, "Oscilante" (Buenos Aires, 2016).