Saturday 4th July 2020, PLUR:

1st and 2nd February 2020, visuals at the Firehouse Sessions, Cafe Babette, Berlin:

18th December 2019, presentation at Hangar, Barcelona:

14th December, 2019. Video installation at FASE, Barcelona:

21th September, 2019. Screening at Flutgraben, Berlin:

24th - 16th June, 2019.  Video installation at Lite-Haus Gallerie, Berlin:

14th - 16th, June 2019. Visuals at Firehouse Sessions, Café Babette, Berlin:

March 29th, 2019. Video installation at Automaton Lab at Greenhouse, Berlin:

23th June, 2019. Video installations at Roce, Espacio 911, Buenos Aires:

23th November, 2018. Speculation at Weserhalle, Berlin: