[To Twist the Course of Signs] is a 3-channel video installation made from leaked surveillance footage, journalistic video captures, book images, and words.

The starting image is a hand, as the part of the body that has the function of making, receiving, or manipulating. The ancient hieroglyph of the “ka”, symbol of eternal wandering is juxtaposed with contemporary arms on the keyboard, as the gesture of controlling a machine: searching, sending, spying, moving, erasing, activating other machines.

The image of an artificial satellite, which can send and receive all kinds of data and centralize information, connects with the hands on the keyboard, but also with the image of a rotating sphere, clouds of vapor in movement that look like a crystal ball, or like a moon, a natural satellite that communicates with us magically through water, bringing us secret messages.

Repetition and circular motion translate into the casting of a spell, to twist the existing course of the flow of information. Taken out of their original context, the images turn into symbols arranged in a specific order and combination, becoming the key to a secret code.

3-channel video installation
No sound - Color
20 min

Shown at "Autonoma Industriale", Atelier (Berlin) and, "Along the Archive, Against the Grain", at After the Butcher (Berlin).